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Saving made easy

Bruno analyzes your spending and income and works out the optimal amount you can afford to put aside.

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Get all your accounts in Messenger

See all your accounts at a glance anytime. Bruno is available 24/7.

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Be responsible

Your savings are invested in ethical, socially-responsible, environmentally friendly funds.

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Bruno makes saving easy



Security is core of its DNA. Bruno uses top-level security standards to make sure your data is safe with us



It automates your savings. Bruno finds the right amount of money you can save at the right time


It's free!

Bruno is free of charge. You can withdraw your money anytime without a fee

Ready to meet the first financial advisor 👔 available in Messenger ?

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What people are saying

Saving with Bruno is simple and fun. No more paperwork, no more wire transfers, I don't even think about it anymore.


My savings were sitting in a current account. They are now invested in socially-responsible funds thanks to Bruno.


I love that Bruno helps me to save more. I wouldn't save enough and be able to go to Chili next summer without Bruno's advice.


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