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Security by design

We know the security of your data and your funds is a serious matter. It is precisely why we decided to make it a top priority for Bruno too. Be it our code, our servers or the choice of our partners, we only keep a single idea in mind: protecting you. To learn more about security, please visit our help center.

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We manage our databases with a technology on the cutting-edge of security matters: Scalingo. All data is encrypted and protected against all kinds of breaches.

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Data transmission is securely established via Budget Insight, a company that works with more than 240 banks in France.

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Bruno team is available directly through Messenger to help and answer all your questions. Just click on 'Parler à un humain'.

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How much does Bruno cost?

Bruno is free. We do not charge for withdrawals or deposits. Nada. Nothing. We only make money when you do.

Why does Bruno need your bank details?

Bruno needs your bank details to accurately compute the optimal amounts you can save according to your budget.

Am I getting interests on my savings?

The saving account opened with Bruno gives you a 1% interest rate!

How does Bruno know what I can put aside?

By looking at your transactions, Bruno understands the way you usually spend your money and is capable of computing your budget.

Which account should I connect?

It is recommended to connect Bruno to your most active checking account, the one you receive your salary on and usually use your card with.

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