Our mission
Building simple tools for a better financial health

Here at Bruno we believe it is time to change the way we interact with money.

Building Bruno, we want to empower each individual with the knowledge and tools to manage their financial life. We deeply believe that the main problem with financial products is complexity. Therefore we build simple products. We leverage the most recent technologies to offer a range of financial services that are useful, appropriate and tailor-made. Our services are easy to understand and require no daily maintenance.

Our product
A simple and useful service

We believe that getting access to a free savings account is the first step towards a better financial planning and budgeting. That is why we created the Bruno account. The Bruno account is a free account that is dedicated to larger expenses and personal projects. It is a savings account. But we went the extra mile. We made a service that is simple. The Bruno account is automatically managed : every week, Bruno identifies the optimal amount of money you can save and automatically transfers it on your Bruno account.

The team
They are building Bruno
Romane Cohade
Growth Manager
Margaux Souvignet
Brand Manager
Florent Robert
Louis Chavane
Morgane Perenzoni
Operations Associate
Alexis Nugon
Software Engineer
Raphael Regnier
Product Manager Associate
William Segard
Data Scientist
Nicolas Rouanne
Software Engineer
Leila El-Ghrib
Software Engineer