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You want your data and your money safe. That is why we decided to make it a top priority for Bruno. In eveything we build, we keep one idea on top of our mind: protecting you. To learn more about security, please visit our help center.

We have partnered with Scalingo to secure our data with the latest technology. Our database is in France and our data is encrypted.

To access your data, we have partnered with Budget Insight, Europe's leader in financial data services. Budget Insight has developed secured connections with more than 250 banks in the EU.

Our team is available in Messenger to help and answer all your questions. Just click on 'Speak to a human'.

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How much does Bruno cost?

€ 2.99 per month. No maintenance fee, no account fee, no minimum balance. And you can withdraw your money at anytime. With no withdrawal fees.

Why does Bruno need your bank details?

Bruno needs your bank details to analyze your spending habits and work out the right amount for you to save. We secure your bank details with the latest encryption technology and we do not share them.

Am I getting interests on my savings?


How does Bruno figure out how much I can set aside?

We have developed a technology that works out your spending habits from the daily changes of your checking account balance. Bruno then works out the amount of money you can save.

Which account should I connect to Bruno?

It is recommended you connect your most active checking account, the one you receive your salary on and usually use your card with.

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